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Your privacy at Holland-vakantiehuis BV


In this privacy statement you can read which personal data we collect from you as a customer or user of our websites, how we handle it, what your rights are and which parties we cooperate with. how we handle it, what your rights are and with which parties we cooperate. We find it very important that our services are reliable and transparent. We treat your personal data with discretion and care and personal data and ensure that we comply with applicable laws and regulations in doing so.

1. Controller
This is the privacy statement of Holland-vakantiehuis B.V., the controller of the processing of your personal data that we receive through the following websites:


2. How does Holland-vakantiehuis BV use your personal data
In this section you will find information about the different purposes for which Holland-vakantiehuis BV processes your personal data, which personal data are involved, what the legal basis for the use is and how long the data are kept.

2.1 Data you share on the platform of Holland-vakantiehuis BV
On our websites, users have the opportunity to share advertisements and other data with other users, making this shared information accessible to other users. sharing, making this shared information accessible to other users. Since on our website you also enable you to interact directly with a tenant or landlord, we encourage you to think about how you share your personal data with others. You are responsible for the personal data you share through our website and therefore we cannot guarantee the privacy or security of the data you share with other users.

2.2 Sending the newsletter
If you have signed up for the newsletter through the website, we will use the email address you provided to mail you this newsletter. You will then be automatically included in our address file. This way we like to keep you informed of interesting offers of our products and services. Sending the newsletter is either to fulfill your subscription, thus necessary to fulfill the resulting agreement between you and Holland-vakantiehuis BV, or because it is in Holland-vakantiehuis BV's legitimate interest to be able to inform you about the services of Holland-vakantiehuis BV. Unless your e-mail address is also collected or used for one of the other purposes mentioned in this Privacy Statement, we anonymise your e-mail address immediately after you have unsubscribed from the newsletter. If we keep your e-mail address for other purposes, we will of course ensure that you no longer receive the newsletter.

2.3 Answering your questions or complaints and service mails
Questions regarding a particular advertisement, application or other comments or complaints can be emailed to us and sent to our customer service department. In that case, we will use your personal data to handle your questions, to be able to contact you and to take any other necessary action regarding your complaint or request. take. We record at what times we had contact with you through which channel, the reason for the contact and the relevant content of what was discussed or emails exchanged. These data are necessary to execute the execute the agreement with you or these are in the legitimate interest of Holland-vakantiehuis BV to be able to serve you better. be of better service to you. The data that customer service saves from you will be kept for 7 years.

2.4 Data about your visit to and use of Holland-vakantiehuis BV websites
When you visit our websites, some of your information is automatically registered on our server, such as for example which web pages you visit, the name of your computer system and type of internet browser.

2.5 Marketing
We do not sell or rent your personal data to third parties for their marketing purposes without your express consent. This also applies to our advertisers, it is strictly prohibited to sell the contact information our advertisers receive through our website to be resold to third parties.

2.6 Online guestbook
After staying in an accommodation offered on the platform of Holland-vakantiehuis BV you can post a review on our website. on our website. This review is visible to all website visitors. You will be asked to give preferably your full name, but in any case your first name, and your place of residence with the review because that information increases the reliability of the review greatly increases. We advise you to be careful not to include any other personal information in the review. The placement of a review is based on your consent. Holland-holidayhouse BV reserves the right to refuse reviews at its own discretion and without giving a reason. You can also request us to remove your review via the contact page. Reviews can also be used in other marketing communications from Holland-vakantiehuis BV.

3. Social Media
You may choose to share information from our website via social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google and YouTube. This means that the information shared, including name and interests, may become visible to the visitors of your personal pages. Holland-vakantiehuis BV advises you to read the privacy statements of the relevant social media parties carefully. These apply to the processing of your personal data by these parties. personal data by these parties.

4. Cookies
Cookies are small text files that provide insight into surfing behavior, so that it becomes clear how can continue to function as well as possible in the future. Thanks to cookies you will for example to see. In addition, we use analytical cookies to measure visitor numbers, we measure the time that people are on our website but we also gain insight into how visitors use our sites. These insights We use these insights to improve the website. Advertising cookies keep track of how often content is viewed and prevent you from seeing the same ad too often. We also use cookies for personalized advertising (Google Adsense). Read the Google privacy terms and conditions at: . Cookies are stored on your own computer and remember settings and preferences, among other things. They are always anonymous and never save your name, address, age or other personal information. You can always delete cookies.

5. Retention period
We will retain your data for as long as necessary for the aforementioned purposes or to comply with legal (retention) obligations. This Privacy Statement sets out the various retention periods used by Holland-vakantiehuis BV. retention periods used by Holland-vakantiehuis BV. After the end of the retention period we will remove or anonymize your personal data. anonymized. You will then of course no longer receive information from Holland-vakantiehuis BV about new houses or other interesting mailings.

6. Third parties
We will share your personal data with third parties only when necessary:

  • in connection with the provision of a service by this third party that we need in order to fulfill your request such as IT service providers and service partners;
  • in order to carry out your request for a booking, this is how we transfer your personal data to the relevant homeowner. Homeowners must also comply with applicable privacy laws when using your personal data. In addition, they are obliged to Holland-vakantiehuis BV to carefully storage and use;
  • for engaging third parties, such as Google, to analyse data about your use of the Holland-vakantiehuis BV website, for personalising the website and communication and for placing Google Adsense ads to show relevant ads.
  • Most of these third parties are processors and only use your personal data for the benefit of Holland-vakantiehuis BV. These parties are mainly located in the Netherlands or within the EU. Holland-vakantiehuis BV only provides personal data to parties that guarantee that they have taken the required measures to protect the data adequately. With processors a agreement with processors that regulates, among other things, the confidentiality and security of your personal data by these third parties. third parties.

Only when Holland-vakantiehuis BV is legally obliged to do so will personal data be provided to regulators, investigation services and tax authorities. Please note that some of these services may have far-reaching powers with which they can enforce such disclosure. Holland-vakantiehuis BV is not liable for the implications of such transfer of personal data and related required information.

7. Security
Holland-vakantiehuis BV considers good security of your personal data to be of great importance. Holland-vakantiehuis BV has therefore taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the personal data against unauthorised or otherwise undesirable access. This is visible to you by the lock icon that appears in your browser when making a booking. Also employees of Holland-vakantiehuis BV or those Holland-vakantiehuis BV or third parties brought in by Holland-vakantiehuis BV will only be given access to those personal data that are necessary for the performance of their tasks. We also advise you to choose the most secure password possible when creating your management account. secure password, keep it secret and renew it regularly. Your password will be encrypted stored with us.

8. Your rights in relation to your personal data
You have the right to view your complete data as registered with Holland-vakantiehuis BV and to amend them (If they are incorrect or incomplete. It is up to you to change your data as should they change in the meantime. Furthermore, you have under circumstances the right to removal or restriction of the processing of your personal data by Holland-vakantiehuis BV, and the right to ask Holland-vakantiehuis BV to provide your personal data to yourself or to a third party.

If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, simply unsubscribe via the unsubscribe link in the footer of our mail.

9. Contacting Holland-vakantiehuis BV
To exercise your rights regarding your personal data, please contact our customer service. You may be asked to provide a copy of your proof of identity. Also, for other questions about our use of your personal information, this Privacy Statement or other matters relating to our services or this website please feel free to contact us. Your question or comment will be handled competently, confidentially and as soon as possible. This Privacy Statement may be updated from time to time by Holland-vakantiehuis BV. The updated Privacy Statement can be found on our website with a clear indication that it concerns a new version. If we have your e-mail address, we will inform you of important changes by e-mail. informed by e-mail.

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